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About Us

Wallingford Animal Control is proud to serve the residents of Wallingford.

In addition to our responsibilities as animal control officers, we also maintain the animal shelter, and care for the animals temporarily housed there.

Our History

Our shelter is proudly named "The Shirley Gianotti Animal Shelter." In 1995, our modest "pound" was named after Shirley Gianotti who was the very much loved and dedicated "dog warden" of Wallingford for over 20 years. Shirley was said to be the "epitome of a public servant," and devoted all of her energy to helping animals in need. In fact, to this day, Shirley still calls to check in. We couldn't be happier, or more proud to follow in her footsteps.

Katie Ehlers

Katie was hired in 2013 as the head of the department. With almost a decade of animal control experience, and a strong financial background, she was well equipped and very excited to accept this position. Katie believes that a successful department requires a strong leader, and loves to share her knowledge and experience with her assistants. She is an animal lover, but also takes her job very seriously and knows the "ins and outs" of all laws and statutes pertaining to animals. In addition, her position requires her to maintain the budgets and handle any purchasing for the shelter. She encourages Wallingford residents to feel comfortable contacting the office with any complaints or concerns. Having a trusted relationship and an open line of communication with the residents of Wallingford is key. On a personal note, Katie is the proud owner of four dogs, one cat, two birds, and three turtles. She also commits a large portion of her "free" time to promoting animal rescue.

Rachel Amenta

Rachel was hired in 2005 as the full time Assistant Animal Control Officer. She started her career in animal control with this department, and has been a valuable asset to the Town of Wallingford. Rachel is incredibly dedicated to ensuring that the animals in the shelter are properly cared for, and is committed to ensuring the safety of the public and the animals of Wallingford. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable of all animals, and animal behavior. Her handling techniques and vast knowledge of wildlife makes her extremely valuable to the department. Rachel is also an animal lover "off the clock," as she cares for her own dogs, cats, and a small farm that includes chickens, turkeys, goats, and a pig. In addition, she volunteers at a local Draft Horse rescue.