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We've put together our most asked questions so that you can learn more about our shelter. If you don't see your question here, you can always contact us here.

What types of donations does the shelter need?

We are so appreciative of any donations! We always need old [but clean] towels, blankets, sheets, comforters, etc. We also always need items like cat litter, cat food [dry & canned], cat & dog toys, nylabones for large dogs, laundry detergent, and bleach.

Is a wild animal sick just because it is out during the day?

No! Although it is not typical for wild animals to be out during the day, this does not necessarily mean that they are ill or diseased. Wild animals [yes, even raccoons] may have to make a trip during the day to gather food for young ones, or for many other reasons.

However, wild animals should have a healthy fear of humans. If a wild animal attempts to approach you, DO NOT touch the animal. Go inside your home or car and contact us! If you see an animal that is stumbling, or uncoordinated [they are typically described as looking "drunk"] please call us or the police immediately.

Again - DO NOT attempt to approach or touch the animal.

I found a baby bird, what do I do?

Leave it alone! We know you are trying to help, but it is more than likely a bird that is learning to fly or fell out of its nest. Don't worry, his/her mom is more than likely close by. Do not touch the bird. If you leave it alone, it's mom will come to save him once she feels it is safe to do so. If several hours pass, and the baby bird is still there, then you can contact us.

Do you accept volunteers at the shelter?

Yes, and we LOVE our volunteers. Although we are unable to allow volunteers to clean the kennels and cages, we love having volunteers come to assist us with other miscellaneous chores in the shelter. What we REALLY appreciate is when volunteers come to walk our dogs, and play with the kitties. You help give these animals much needed attention that we don't always have time to give.

Volunteers must be 18+ or be accompanied by an adult. Well behaved children are a must! We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.

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